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Private Equity Investment Partnerships

Since 1980, Kelso has managed eight private equity partnerships with total capital committed of over $10 billion.

Fund Year Size
($ in millions)
Kelso Investment Associates I, L.P. (KIA I) 1980 $5
Kelso Investment Associates II, L.P. (KIA II) 1984 23
Kelso Investment Associates III, L.P. (KIA III) 1986 100
Kelso Investment Associates IV, L.P. (KIA IV) 1989 525
Kelso Investment Associates V, L.P. (KIA V) 1993 710
Kelso Investment Associates VI, L.P. (KIA VI) 1998 1,500
Kelso Investment Associates VII, L.P. (KIA VII) 2004 2,100
Kelso Investment Associates VIII, L.P. (KIA VIII) 2008 5,125

Early History

Kelso & Company was established in 1971 and is recognized as the preeminent firm responsible for the creation and development of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (“ESOPs”).

Through most of the 1970s, Kelso was an advisory firm assisting companies with transactions structured with ESOPs.  In 1980, Kelso formed its first investment partnership and began investing as a principal in private equity transactions.  Consistent with its historical focus, Kelso utilized ESOPs in connection with financing its early investments.  However, by the mid-1980s, as a result of tax law changes and evolving financial markets which reduced the benefits of ESOPs, the Firm altered its transaction structures to utilize other forms of management and employee equity participation.

Kelso's history as a service provider to company owners and management teams coupled with the stability of its investing team staff has led to an investing culture focused on working in partnership with management teams.  Kelso has consistently executed transactions that feature broad ownership and significant equity incentive programs for senior management.  Kelso believes that this philosophy of partnering with management is an important component of the success of its portfolio companies.

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